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Christmas Presentation Evening 2016

The Brighouse Swimming Club Presentation Evening took place last week at Rastrick Bowling Club, celebrating a successful year of swimming and rewarding youngsters for their efforts and progress.

BSC President Mick Lamb welcomed everyone to the event, acknowledged swimmers and their families for the dedication over 2016 and thanked the coaches and volunteers for their commitment throughout the year.

The coaches, Mick Lamb, Ivor Clayton, Brian Smart, Helen Hirst, Amelia Clough, Amy Donovan, Steve Jackson, Lynn Sibley and Megan Brier were invited to the front to be applauded for contributing so much of their personal time to the club.

A special thank you was made to Kay Suddick for her many roles at the club and ensuring it ‘runs like clockwork. Siobhan Kaye was also thanked for her time given to the role of Team Manager.

Mick Lamb invited Richard Bolland to be recognised for his long standing role as a swimming teacher. Thank you to Richard for all he has given to the club.

And onto the awards......

A variety of Trophies, cups, plaques and shields were presented to a number of swimmers for their achievements in events throughout the year, at the internal gala. Some swimmers were awarded one or two whilst others took home, more than six different awards!

A representative from both St John’s Clifton and Bailiff Bridge were awarded the schools trophies for their events at the schools gala.

Cameron Price won the Best Performer in Away Galas for the second year running and Poppy Layden-Fritz was awarded the Ambassador Cup for 2016, presented by Team Manager Siobhan Kaye. Poppy was recognised for her mature attitude to her swimming, her ability to be a fantastic role model and her continuous commitment.

Throughout the year coaches observe their swimmers and name one swimmer for their outstanding achievement. The coaches were announced i turn and presented their trophies to their swimmer for Outstanding Achievement 2016:

Lynn Sibley’s award went to Hermione Hanson. Steve Jackson presented his award to Isobel Bennett. Amelia Clough’s Outstanding achievement Award for 2016 went to Connie Harris. Amy Donovan’s went to Olivia Snowden. Helen Hirst presented hers to Zach Challis. Megan Brier’s award went to Alicia Howells. Mick Lambs went to Megan Walch and Brian Smarts Outstanding Achievement Award went to Scarlett Mallinson.

Certain swimmers were also recognised for other awards:

Top Tadpole - Harrison Iredale.

Most Improved Junior – Isobelle Rich

Most Improved Intermediate – Spencer Snowden & Luke Winterbottom

Most Improved Girl Overall – Eleanor Jones

Most Improved Boy Overall – Cameron Price & Ben Bottomley

After a fantastic year of swimming at BSC, it was safe to say that the Christmas Part that followed the presentations was enjoyed by all. The disco started and Brian led the swimming dance as the Brighouse Swimming Club family partied on until late.